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American Portable Signs

BIGGEST SIGNS...smallest prices!

Up to $70 cheaper than others and extra days too!

Serving Dallas/Fort Worth for over 30 years.

You will increase sales by reaching customers driving by your business. Our advantage is: LARGER SIGNS are easier to read. When driving at 40 mph, this is important! Many of our customers find American Portable Signs to be their best value for their advertising dollar. Please ask any questions you have. We love to help our customers grow!



Don't choose colors you like. Choose colors that work!

Federal and state highway departments have spent millions in research and determined that the most effective colors and letters for signs to be read day and night are:


Our signs are up to 50% larger than the competition and taller too!

BIGGEST SIGNS...smallest prices!

+$70 cheaper than others and extra days too!

We provide you the following services:

  • Assistance formulating your message
  • City permit obtained
  • Delivery
  • Setup
  • Pickup
  • Extra letters for your changes (on request)

We have three sign sizes:

8 feet, 5 lines with 17 characters

10 feet, 5 lines with 21 characters

12 feet, 5 lines with 25 characters

*Plus city permit fee which varies by city.


Please include this information on your email order:

Your name & business name:



Delivery & end dates:

Message on sign:

​Send order to sales@americanportablesigns.com

Phone: (817) 656-7622 Fax: (817) 576-4760

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